NEW – Creation of ‘New Water’ from saline aquifer

Concurrently, the price of water in Melbourne rose from $0.91 per m3 in 2007 to $2.57 per m3 in 2015. The VRC responded to these events by seeking cost effective opportunities to reduce the Racecourse’s dependence on fresh water. VRC invested in a new borehole based desalination technology, extracting water from a brackish aquifer. This [...]

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Water Loss Management Program

The aim of the WLMP was to support smaller Local Water Utilities (LWUs) in their efforts to reduce leakage from their drinking water distribution systems. The batching of projects under WLMP also allowed eligibility with federal government funding criteria. Specialist knowledge and equipment were provided to LWUs in order to help identify, develop and implement [...]

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Water Efficiency Audits of Steam Systems

To improve on water resource efficiency, CWW in 2010 launched a program focused on assisting business customers better understand how they can make steam systems more efficient. Steam systems were targeted because energy efficiency improvements are typically effective with a high likelihood of implementation. The program involves conducting site audits and the provision of training [...]

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Mine Water Recycling

The 2006 expansion provided the opportunity to change how water was managed on site and initiated a series of site interventions to reduce the amount of freshwater abstracted from Lake Argyle, replacing it instead with lower quality water mainly abstracted from mine dewatering activities. The project involved the construction of two dams to collect the [...]

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Irrigation Network Renewal

The Project involved real-time monitoring and control of flows, lining the main channel, installing sprinkler and drip irrigation system and a central data repository of irrigation system flows and abstractions. The water entitlement aspect of the project was developed to help transition from inefficient practices and low value crops to efficient practices and higher valued [...]

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Domestic and Business Retrofit Project

The initial aim of the program was to encourage residents of Sydney to consume less domestic water. Since then, Sydney Water has expanded the initiative to incorporate businesses, helping them to reduce their water consumption and to benefit from reduced costs. They did so by promoting the use of efficient devices, inspect mains infrastructure, reach [...]

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Aquifer Recharge with Stormwater

?As a result a number of strategies have been developed to address the supply demand imbalance and secure sustainable water supplies into the future. Recognizing that up to 90% of demand for potable water supply could be replaced with a non-potable supply, the City of Salisbury implemented the collection, storage and distribution of stormwater run-off [...]

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