Metering of Non-Revenue Water

?In 2010 EMM launched, as a result of the significant gap, a campaign to consolidate multiple connections into single metered supplies. While the replacement of meters was the main feature of the project, other important components included identifying illegal connections and repairing leaks. The project ended up being the overall winner of the South African [...]

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Emergency Water Demand Management

The crisis situation at Gamka Dam can be attributed to several factors, namely, low rainfall, uncontrolled water consumption (up by 44% in six years), insufficient planning and the high cost attached to new water resource development options. More important than the contributing factors however was the reaction; by the time the town emerged from the [...]

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Domestic and Business Retrofit Project

The initial aim of the program was to encourage residents of Sydney to consume less domestic water. Since then, Sydney Water has expanded the initiative to incorporate businesses, helping them to reduce their water consumption and to benefit from reduced costs. They did so by promoting the use of efficient devices, inspect mains infrastructure, reach [...]

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Behavioral Change Initiative

?The project has shown that it is possible to deal with a shortage of water in an urban domestic setting, using a cost efficient, quick, ecological and contention free approach. Using a partnership approach, with funding coming through multiple sources (mostly through The European LIFE programme), the project focused on public engagement through the media, [...]

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