NEW – Integrated water resource management in Agriculture

In 1988, under pressure from environmental and conservation groups, the government initiated a series of legislative changes in an attempt to restore the wetlands and better regulate aquifer withdrawal. Implementation has proved to be challenging, with local farmers in particular concerned that restrictions on abstraction would impact on their livelihood. The 2008 Upper Guardiana Basin [...]

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Managing Evapotranspiration Using Quotas

Because overexploitation of groundwater across the basin is estimated to be 9 billion cubic meters annually, a program was developed to address the supply demand balance within the river basin, recognizing the impacts downstream. A 7-year program was developed (ending in 2011) that involved the implementation of an integrated water and environmental management strategy in [...]

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Irrigation Network Renewal

The Project involved real-time monitoring and control of flows, lining the main channel, installing sprinkler and drip irrigation system and a central data repository of irrigation system flows and abstractions. The water entitlement aspect of the project was developed to help transition from inefficient practices and low value crops to efficient practices and higher valued [...]

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Irrigation Management

The main crops that grow in the area - lucerne, potato, groundnut, maize, oats and barley - are difficult to grow profitably, hence the negative perception. Changes needed to be made, to ensure the financial survival of the farmers in the Upper Orange River Catchment through increased productivity as well as reduce the amount of [...]

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Emergency Water Demand Management

The crisis situation at Gamka Dam can be attributed to several factors, namely, low rainfall, uncontrolled water consumption (up by 44% in six years), insufficient planning and the high cost attached to new water resource development options. More important than the contributing factors however was the reaction; by the time the town emerged from the [...]

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