Managing Evapotranspiration Using Quotas

Because overexploitation of groundwater across the basin is estimated to be 9 billion cubic meters annually, a program was developed to address the supply demand balance within the river basin, recognizing the impacts downstream. A 7-year program was developed (ending in 2011) that involved the implementation of an integrated water and environmental management strategy in [...]

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Irrigation Management

The main crops that grow in the area - lucerne, potato, groundnut, maize, oats and barley - are difficult to grow profitably, hence the negative perception. Changes needed to be made, to ensure the financial survival of the farmers in the Upper Orange River Catchment through increased productivity as well as reduce the amount of [...]

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Integrated Watershed Management

Kothapally village comprises 465ha of mainly cultivated undulating farmland with a population of 1,492 supported by semi-subsistence agriculture in the area. The level of resource degradation before project implementation was serious – characterized by low rainwater use efficiency, high soil erosion and a lack of soil stabilization or infiltration enhancement mechanisms. The project placed an [...]

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Improving Water Availability through Wastewater Treatment

This project, implemented over a 10-year period, improves available resource through the capture and treatment of urban and industrial wastewater flows and returning them for direct or indirect re-use in irrigation. A key element to the project’s success was the enaction of policy and legislation that enforces the “Polluter Pays” principle, enabling waste water treatment [...]

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Improved Water Distribution Management

?The Water Use Association (WUA) in the Lower Vaal area manages the distribution of irrigation water to hundreds of farmers over 1,120km of ageing canals and 1,873 abstraction points. The process needed to make it more efficient required difficult institutional reform combined with critical self-examination of operation and management practices. Coupled with a lack of [...]

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Groundwater Conservation

The Government of Yemen, in collaboration with The World Bank, implemented the ground water conservation project in 10 of the 13 catchments in the country, with focus on sub-catchments where aquifer depletion rate was most critical. An integrated approach using a combination of supply side and demand side interventions was implemented to increase the available [...]

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